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Hyperbrew Teas
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Don't Forget Your Feminized
Auto Flowering Seeds!

 Tip's seeds and more             Happy to have this product on my   site. I personally use Hypergrow Organic Tea's. The simplicity of this product and easy with the detailed feeding schedule that is sent with the owner's products.                                                                                                                                                                                             


 HyperGrow Organics is the result of years of gardening expertise in search of the "ultimate" way to grow healthy, organic produce.


After several years away from the garden, I found myself in a new home with very poor soil and gardening was not as easy as it used to be.  I began a lot of research and tried many things from Korean Natural Farming to not till "Back to Eden" style growing. Along the way I stumbled on to compost teas, specifically actively aerated compost teas (aact).


I built a vortex brewer and began making and applying teas. The process became natural and intuitive over time. I purchased a microscope and began studying my teas to check for life and biodiversity.  What an adventure but I quickly realized that brewing batch after batch to dial in brews was a lot of work and created a lot of excess with 5 gallons of tea at a time.  So I decided to try smaller scale brewing in order to do side by side brews and play with variables in search of the best teas for my garden. 

The brewer design I came up with was the start of what is today the HyperGrow Mini Compost Tea Brewer.  After hundreds of brews I was able to come up with a simple recipe based on static compost, thermophilic compost and the right blend of natural and organic amendments which make for an easy and effective way to feed your plants.  

Now, I hope to help you and others grow the best organic food and medicine with ease using the HyperGrow Mini Compost Tea Brewer.  Enjoy your experience!

Feeding directions for Hyperbrew
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