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Payment Options


All Major Credit Cards 

Cash App



P.O. Check



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1.  If you're a repeat customer or does know exactly how you're going to make the payment via Cash app, Venmo exe...

than you can just send the total amount. Summit your order. I will contact you afterwards.

NOTE: I cannot see your order until you summit it!

2.   I know how it sucks to wait for processing and shipping! When I get your order, I try and answer asap.

After payment I process your order in-between a mailing day cycle "overnight I fill your order usually"

Than I will send you a confirmation with your tracking # in the email you provided!

Your mail is ready to be sent in the next mailing day cycle.

You should receive your order in/or around 3 to 5 business days

{Weather permitting and Holiday season do delay packages which is out of my control.}

Below is a list of our current payment options.


1.    All Major Credit cards Are Accepted    


2.    I use Venmo a lot and have found it to be the easiest way to use Credit Cards with this option. My Venmo is @Duane-Tipper you also might need the last 4 digits of my phone #0335. 


3.    Cash app is real simple to use. Download the Cash app from your app store It's fast simple and secure. Add your info and type $DuaneTipper 


4. Zelle is a good app that you can send / add receive money right to your bank account. Zelle is In most mobile bank checking /debit accounts. Zelle is offered for free in your mobile banking. Just type in the note section your Zelle email or Phone# associated with Zelle at checkout and we will send you a payment request for the total amount of the order. Please message me in chat if there is any questions or concerns that you may have. 


5. FBPay is a great way to send and receive money both fast and convenient. My Facebook is and there is a picture of me NOTE NOT the picture of me on a motorcycle. Friend me and follow me so I can send you a money request if you do not know how to.

Post Office money order.png

6. Post Office Money orders. This option works really well but also delays orders from being set out. Message me for more info!

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