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Introducing our Stunna Runtz clone, a potent and aromatic strain that is sure to impress even the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs. This clone boasts a sweet and fruity flavor profile with a hint of creaminess, making it a truly delightful smoke. Its high THC content offers a powerful and long-lasting experience, perfect for those looking for a strong and uplifting high. Whether you're in need of relaxation or a burst of creativity, this Stunna Runtz clone has got you covered. Grown with care and precision, this clone is a top-quality option for any cannabis enthusiast.

Stunna Runtz

  • For 6 Packs add you selection in the notes at check out.

  •      Some of the photos that are taken with each strain can be stock photos taken from strain reviews and to be shown as a closest representative of the strain, are in fact downgraded pictures. Some are actual strain pictures too. Tip's Seeds and More! is not trying to take away anyone's rights. The clones are from a clone dispensary of high quality and move through our stock and availability rapidly so acquiring pictures of each individual strain mother is difficult. The single clone picture is an actual representative of the clones. Thank you for understanding.

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